don't wait for that moment to think security

Oh no


It's bad

Spit it out already. I have a dozen scenarios running through my head.

You can’t protect yourself from
a problem you haven’t identified.

Unfortunately, when it comes to security, you’re not facing just one problem. Data loss can come from a server crash, a stolen laptop, an employee unintentionally or maliciously deleting files, or someone encrypting your data to hold it ransom. And nearly every person who touches your business can ultimately become a security liability.

We’re not trying to sow fear—the headlines do enough of that for all of us. The world is full of risk. What is essential is choosing where to focus.

We’re in your corner

elevate takes a measured, intentional approach to assessing risk, helping you understanding the tradeoffs involved, and allowing you to prioritize which risks you need to mitigate and which you can accept for now.

Beyond our ability to help you secure your technology using diligence and best practices, we have tools to test and educate employees on security risks, training them to be better prepared.

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We’re looking to outsource bookkeeping. How do we do that with security in mind?

We’ve advised several businesses in doing exactly this. Reach out.

I have a feeling about where we should go, but no clarity. Our tech’s mostly a pain right now.

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